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Spelt out massage regulation in Canada-Enhancing professional training and services.

Posted on 24 August, 2016  in About

Hi there, my name is Jennifer Nicole and I am a Canadian massage therapist who has been working in this industry for many, many years now, and I have decided that the time is right for me to help others to learn and get into massage, by passing on my wealth of knowledge.

In order to ensure that clients acquire professional premium high quality massage therapy services, Canada has ensure the establishment of various regulations and standards across its various provinces and states. However, there are certain provinces in which regulations are not cleared defined but various associations that are in charge of massage therapy have spelt out distinctive provisions to guide in the offering of massage therapy and training and ensure that massage regulation is effective.

Basically, there are four provinces namely, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Ontario and New Brunswick that have come out strongly with various guidance and regulations regarding the training the overall service delivery vis-à-vis occupational therapy and massage services are concerned.

If you are planning to venture into career faceted towards massage therapy, it is always prudent to check with relevant associations and bodies in breadth and length of Canada those colleges offering courses in line with outlined rules and regulations governing the profession. However, if you have a good reputation and already certified in one province in Canada, all you need to do is to enroll for a jurisprudence examination and you will be allowed to practice in another state.

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