While many positive effects of massage include muscle relief, improved circulation and overall relaxation of the body, knowing how to perform a massage is an art, and it takes some time to master. Massage can be used among family, friends and lovers and if one becomes really good at it, to earn money. Here is what it takes to learn massage.

There are many different types of massage to be learned, and many people who are willing to teach. Going to a local spa and asking if they offer massage training is a good start. Some classes have to be paid for, but there are also a lot of massage therapists who are willing to teach for free.

In the time of digital world, most of the information is available online, and there are many YouTube tutorials on how to massage. Additional places to be considered are blogs and websites specialized in health, body or massage itself. This is easier than looking for someone willing to teach massage, as the videos and guides are available in your home, at any time.

Books about massage are another way of learning. There are many out there on different massage techniques. They can be a good learning method along with using videos of actual massage.

The most important factor for learning how to massage is the practice itself. Of course, mastering some massage techniques are more difficult to learn, and it takes some time to master them. Best choice is to find a friend or a family member who wants to help. They get a free massage, and the apprentice gets the needed experience.